A Palestinian Speaks about the Holocaust

Sami Awad, a Palestinian Christian, spoke about the Holocaust at the 2011 Christ at the Checkpoint conference. The following videos contain his speech. Sami is also the Executive Director of Holy Land Trust (HLT), a Palestinian nonprofit organization which he founded in 1998 in Bethlehem.

Part 1

Part 2


A Christian Leader Addresses the Muslim-Christian Conflict

Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe, CEO and secretary general of the World Evangelical Alliance, addresses the Muslim-Christian conflict from a Christian perspective.

The view from my office in New York City overlooks Ground Zero. Every day I’m in the office, I have the opportunity to observe the massive construction project as well as the thousands of visitors to the 9/11 Memorial pools. It is all a stark reminder of how a person’s faith can be radicalized and politicalized.

Unfortunately, violence perpetrated by those who have hijacked their faith continues to occur on almost a daily basis.

The Islamist terror group Boko Haram has killed hundreds of Christians in northern Nigeria since 2009. The killings have escalated in recent months, and security forces have clearly failed to protect lives, forcing hundreds to flee for safety.

Earlier this month, al-Shabaab from Somalia attacked two churches in Kenya leaving 17 people dead and scores of people injured, including women and children.

However, attacks are taking place against Muslims as well. Last week an Islamic Center in Missouri was torched. Earlier this year a mosque in Queens was firebombed.

Whether deaths occurred or not, all these acts of violence need to be condemned by all faith leaders.

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Love the Jews Not the Arabs or Love the Arabs but Never Jews?

People with Zionist perspectives tend to support Israel unconditionally. Those who support Palestinians and other Arabs tend to be against the Jewish state. Dr. Rex M. Rogers takes a look at this phenomenon from a Christian perspective.

I meet people who love the Jewish people, their heritage and history, culture, food, and religion. These people also tend to support, defend, and otherwise embrace Israel as a nation state.

I meet people who love the Arab people, their heritage and history, culture, food, and possibly religion. These people also tend to support, defend, and otherwise embrace Arab world nation states.

Mostly, those supporting Jews and those supporting Arabs stand alongside one but not the other body of people. In other words, it’s like never the twain shall meet, an eternal juxtaposition. It’s assumed or sometimes stated in bold relief: “Love the Jews not the Arabs” or “Love the Arabs but never Jews.”

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